Morelia Cathedral

Morelia is a beautiful city. One of the things that strikes you is the high concentration of architectural features that are either churches or related to churches (convents, chapels, etc) in the core of the city. The queen of these is the cathedral, which was across the street from my hotel (and gave it its name). Here it is during the day. The photograph was taken quite early in the morning to take advantage of the pleasant light (click for larger view):


It has fountains and gardens on both sides of it, and so acts as an all important community morelia_big_screengathering point (or collections thereof) for the city where there are performances, spaces to wander or sit, and of course group viewings of the world cup (as far as I gathered from seeing the parked big screen truck/van, decorated with world cup paraphernalia – I was working at the University during the day when the games were on).

It is difficult to stop photographing in Morelia. Even just the cathedral turns your eyes and camera to keep drinking in the views she offers. Here’s a night shot (click for larger view), with an obliging moon. morelia_cathedral_night It also gives you a sense of how lively the place gets, and at night time there’s a number of cafes and bars in this area that keep a party atmosphere ticking along, especially on weekend nights.


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