Pi Day Today!

Ack! I just noticed that it is Pi Day. Late in the day, so I’ve missed the key time of day for the whole shebang. Bah. Those of you in time zones further West of me still have time. Go for it. See my post from last year for more…


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4 Responses to Pi Day Today!

  1. Elliot says:

    You did miss it and guess what day is coming up pretty soon (April 1)

    🙂 🙂


  2. Tyson says:

    A bit late to the discussion but do you think people in the year 1592 thought the day was at all special? (You know, 3/14/1592?)

  3. Clifford says:

    Wild guess but I think the dates were maybe not listed using the shorthand we use now… 🙂

    Maybe better to ask about the people way in the future, the year 15926?