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miquel_barcelo_elephant_1 miquel_barcelo_elephant_2

Gran elefante erguido, by Miquel Barceló. (Click for larger views.)

Sometimes a 7m tall upside down bronze elephant is exactly what one needs to see to root the day. It is at the Caixa Forum, Madrid, not a million miles from the library that I like to work in, while touring my work around in Walkabout mode.

By the way, the “living wall”, “Le Mur Végétal”, or “vertical garden” in the background is quite spectacular. It is by Patrick Blanc, whose website I strongly recommend you look at to learn about his ideas about gardens.


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2 Responses to New Views

  1. sofiane says:

    Hi Clifford,

    just to point out a tiny typo:
    it is ‘LE Mur’ not ‘La mur’, ‘mur’ (=wall) is masculine 🙂

    I wanted also to tell you that I enjoy coming here.. so keep up with the good work !


  2. Clifford says:

    Hi! Thanks! Will correct shortly(ish). I copied the name from another site (his own, perhaps) so I on fact propagated the mistake. Perhaps I’d have made it in any case since my vocabulary in French did not contain the word for wall prior to this post. I’d not have guessed wall was masculine. Most of the walls of my acquaintance are quite feminine, often exceptionally delicate and fragrant, in fact…