You Don’t Need Magic To Use Energy Wisely

energy_posterThis is a fun poster I saw at the Grove the other day. (Click for a larger view.)

The good fairy (Tinkerbell, apparently) speaks the truth!

It’s nice to see such a campaign, and aimed at the younger set (who in turn might bug their parents into thinking about it too). It is sponsored by the Department of Energy (the same people who sponsor most of my research), and you can look at the website here. Maybe you’ll direct some others to it too! There’s an energy action checklist, and lots of useful tips and guidelines for everyone (young and old) to follow in order to save energy (and money) and do your bit for the environment.

It is not clear to me what she is holding in her hands… is it a lamp with some sort of fairyland compact fluorescent bulb?


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3 Responses to You Don’t Need Magic To Use Energy Wisely

  1. Carol&co says:

    Okay then, must confess, saw the movie (again) yesterday and Tinkerbell used elements of magic to create energy otherwise things would change in their world, it was a lovely idea! I agree with the poster entirely we don’t need magic to make wise choices. Zachary (3.8 years) has already reminded me more than once to turn off the light, close the door to keep the heat in etc, so hopefully he will carry on with these good habits for a long time to come and pass them on to young and old. cmj+

  2. Elliot says:

    It is interesting in historical context to consider the Disney imagery and reflect on “Our Friend the Atom” a Disney film from the late 1950s that was shown to students around the country to create a positive aura around the development of Atomic Power. I remember reading the companion book in Elementary school in the school library. It was one of the reasons I got interested in physics.


  3. Clifford says:

    So does this mean that Tinkerbell is nuclear powered!? I had no idea! 🙂