Testing, Testing

Fascinating. I am testing out a new method of posting to the blog. I replaced my ancient and frustrating ipod (I think enough time has been spent tinkering around in its innards (see e.g. here) and now I realize the hard drive itself is now damaged) and my old Palm Tungsten by one new device, an iPod Touch. It seems to work well, and is my compromise to the iPhone mania – I find the fact that you are forced by AT&T into an expensive data contract for the iPhone a bit objectionable, and I certainly don’t want to pay that much to be connected all the time, and moreover have no wish to be connected all the time, and my current phone is a really good phone that does more of what I want than the iPhone does (my phone has a radio for example – it is free and works whether you have a connection to the web or not – good old-fashioned FM) and I am not really one for getting new devices just for newness’ sake. (I’ve realized to my delight that this solution also means that I get to continue saying that I’m the last person in LA without an iPhone. πŸ™‚ )

Since I needed to replace the other things and since the Touch does have Bluetooth and wireless, this seemed like a good move. I can reliably listen to music again, and It will help with productivity too, I can do some communication on the move without my computer, read papers and other documents for work and so forth, and it seems that there is a nice application for posting to the blog! (I am testing it with this post.) A drawback is that I cannot seem to connect my nice foldable Bluetooth keyboard (the iGo Stowaway – worked so well with my Palm), and so this is a slow process. And there is no handy ablity to write to the screen like you can on the Palm. (Sigh, I will miss the Palm platform for a while, but one must move on….) It also seems that I cannot yet get my phone to talk to the pod via Bluetooth, which I’d hoped I could do to move pictures over. Will have to work on that. As a test of whether I can post pictures, I give you Fluffy 1.1 and leave it to you to connect to a recent earlier post for relevance.


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6 Responses to Testing, Testing

  1. adam says:

    wait, you caught fluffy? well done. however, fluffies 1.1 through 1.n await.

  2. Clifford says:

    That is 1.1

    1.0 was last Sunday, and 1.2 appeared today. πŸ™‚


  3. Eduard says:

    What are you going to do with them (or, what you’ve done)?
    Compared to siberian ones this squirrel looks different, it has less fur (probably not needed since there’re no cold winters) and its ears are not tufted…

  4. Eleanor says:

    Congrats on catching (another) Fluffy! Is this what you served at the premiere?!

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