Yes, it is that time of year again. It is the third birthday of this blog, Asymptotia, and once again I’d like to thank everyone for reading, commenting, emailing, and otherwise participating in building the community we have here. It continues to be very enjoyable and fulfilling to write here and to read your thoughts as well.

fist anniversaryFor those of you who are new, welcome! (This includes some recent readers that may have come from the blog LA Observed or local NPR station KCRW – see here for a some kind words from Kevin Roderick on Friday in his radio commentary on the best of Los Angeles area blogs.) Learn more about the blog from the about page, and from the archives. (See also the note at the end of this post.)

second anniversary Also, have a look at the birthday posts from last year and the year before as well as the inaugural post for more on what I think about all of this. In particular, as I reminded last year:

I think of this blog as a bit like a gathering (a party, if you will) in a comfortable home, with people in several rooms carrying out (or just listening to) conversations of various sorts. Some rooms just have things to look at. Some people visit lots of rooms, others fewer. The rooms and/or conversations are fun and enlightening, and maybe sometimes a welcome break or diversion from something else you’re doing. Some people join in the chatter, some just listen. It’s all ok. Where are the rooms? It’s each post I’ve done. Scroll down the page, look in the sidebar, and hunt through the archives.

Make some celebratory noises in the comments if you like.

Thanks again everyone!


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