See Oh Two

Remember the Culture? Not the Iain M. Banks civilization, interesting as that is. I mean the yeast from last week’s post Culture is Science.

You’ll recall I mentioned that its primary role in the whole baking business is the production of carbon dioxide. Well, you only see that indirectly via the results of the baking, of course, but while it was going through the ten day growth phase, I got the chance (after feeding it on day 5) to get some nice pictures of the swollen bag that results from its generation of the gas after its munching down on flour and sugar:

yeast_2 yeast_1 yeast_3

Impressive huh? It was filling up almost daily after day five. Now, if I’d thought about it at the time, I’d have done a demo and poured (since CO2 is heavy) the gas out of the bag onto a lit candle and watched it gone out and made a video of all of that for you. Let’s pretend I did that…


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