Some Changes, and Connecting with Facebook

Well, I’ve upgraded my WordPress installation and since some plugins might be not quite working with the newest version, things are going to look slightly different for a bit. But not hugely so.

Oh, if you are on facebook, you might like to know that I have put Asymptotia on the NetworkedBlogs application so that you can sign up and get a feed directly within facebook. Click through to here if signed in. Please note the difference between me, my facebook page, my blog Asymptotia, and Asymptotia’s space on facebook. All four are different. I’m just sayin’. Don’t forget to keep visiting here, for example.

Strangely, as a result of upgrading a few things, something weird happened that I cannot account for. My self-pings have returned! I lost the feature a while back (or even before that?) when I had a terrible denial of service attack that I had to write some work-around from and I always assumed that somehow what I did also removed my self-pings, and I never really had the energy to check it out. (Pinging is the feature that allows you to follow an older post to a newer post that refers to it). I decided that this was a small price to pay for the extra protection. But now it is working again. I don’t know why. I wonder if there is a way of automatically getting all the missed pingbacks to show up, rather than re-publishing all my old posts one by one*?

Of course, me being able to self-ping might mean that the demons will return too. So I’d better watch out.

*Thoughts welcome.


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6 Responses to Some Changes, and Connecting with Facebook

  1. Elliot says:

    You need to be very careful with self pinging. It can become addictive.


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  3. Rosalyn Myles says:

    Not sure if I want to deal with the Facebook login. I am at work and
    my concentration is split. However, I did enjoy reading your blog and meeting you at the book signing last friday night. Your subject matter is a little intimidating,but very interesting. I will check it out from time to time.

    If you get this message please email me and let me know, [email hidden away by an edit – cvj] and thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Clifford says:


    You are by no means obliged to do the facebook thing. It is entirely optional. Commenting as you did is just fine!

    I’ll respond to your email, and will remove it from the comments here so you don’t end up with a useless email address….



  5. Jake says:

    I am an eleven year old Astronomy savant. Where are easy links to all of your research? Very interested to read your ideas. Also any recommendations for me? I started sitting in college at age 8 in the Astronomy department and am looking for research to do.

  6. April says:

    hi cliffford im 15 nearly 16 and i really want to be an astronoma i live in the uk but i would love to work alongside you as your a great astronoma 😀