Life in Sixty Seconds

Spend that minute over at SEED*:



*Thanks Aimee!

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4 Responses to Life in Sixty Seconds

  1. Kortney says:

    Well, maybe four minutes. Watched it straight two times, then third time slowed down speed to watch frame by frame to see all the info packed into the clip. Interesting to see one person’s idea of 1.7 billion years compressed into 1 minute.

  2. billions not thousands says:

    By “one person’s idea” do you perhaps mean “the firmly established knowledge of many years of scientific research by many biologists”…?

  3. Kortney says:

    Oh, no, I meant the one person who put together the clip shown here.
    It is a creative mini-compilation of our evolution, condensed into one minute!

  4. Michael Talbot says:

    Cool. It behooves man to contemplate his significance relative to the universe. Observing our spatial and temporal unimportance thus, we’re afforded humility more edifying than any we may gain from all our anthropocentric models.