Teachers Rock!

Listening live (over a late breakfast coffee) to the press conference led by President Elect Obama announcing the Secretary of Education. Arne Duncan is the nominee. This is an underrated post in terms of how high profile it is compared to the other cabinet posts… but of course it’s super-important. So it is wonderful to hear the lovely speech from the pres-to-be (and also the one from the vice-pres-to-be). Just really great. It is especially good to hear recognition of the fact that the core of education is what goes on in the home… it can’t be delegated by lazy or uninvolved parenting to schools…. It’s all recycled a bit from his campaign speech, but why not? If you get a chance, have a listen.

(Also, yesterday’s appointment speech about the societal importance of science and listening to scientists was excellent. Did you hear it?)


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2 Responses to Teachers Rock!

  1. Jude says:

    I don’t know. I looked at his resume, and like most big city administrators, he doesn’t seem to have ever been a teacher himself. Of course, a real librarian never heads the Library of Congress either. At least we have a real scientist as energy secretary.

  2. Kortney says:

    Both Secretary appointments are very exciting to the new administration. Part of his (Barack Obama’s) potential greatness is his willingness to bring several differing opinions to a discussion; to consider all input of value, even if someone disagrees with his thought. In fact “especially if one disagrees with his thought” on a subject. Because it is in the discussion of differing views that growth evolves and answers come for both parties in a discussion. This strentgth of Barack Obama to lead a team, with confidence in their relevance to the common goal and true good for all humanity, will advance our nation and our world in ways unprecedented, as yet unseen by any American leader. We are so fortunate indeed at this great turning point in history! For Science, Education and Environment are all interconnected with us on the way to great discovery. To have a leader who supports, encourages and advances new discovery, we are all blessed. Have a Happy Day!