Science and the New President

Last week the Guardian did a special podcast about Barack Obama’s science policies, and the challenges that lie ahead for the new administration. It’s actually rather good (at least the parts I’ve heard so far – I’m listening to it in pieces while travelling) and I recommend it. They have lots of guests, many of whom you’ve maybe heard of (Lesley Stone, Martin Rees, Diana Liverman, Chris Mason, P Z Myers, Lawrence Krauss, Martin Barstow), and the issue is explored from several angles, from climate change, through stem cells, to the space program.

The synopsis of who those above guests are is here, along with a link to the podcast download.

Have a listen to it!


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One Response to Science and the New President

  1. Kortney says:

    Quite long and sometimes unpleasant to listen to the drawn out opinions of some of the guests. Particularly some of the “high pitched” voices which can cause actual physical pain to the highly tuned ear, mind and heart. (An ironic parallel to an earlier blog trail I noticed in your archive, lending to a much lengthier response/link that I may consider another time).
    However, the quantitative quotes of Barack Obama directly, with the ear, mind and heart pleasing, pitch/tone of his confident and authoritative voice, bring immense hope and joy! Very rousing to hear his plan to lead a renewed vision of US Space exploration and funding to rebuild the strength of NASA as the world leader, to excel in space, global and science education/missions!
    31 day and counting to turn a new page, close a book, end a chapter and all those other metaphors that mean the same thing. May the Bush/book burning ceremony be peaceful and smooth as we transition to beginning the new book in American World History. Amen