Little Bang

Well, they aired it. Gosh. It’s a pared-down version of what we shot (there were three questions for The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons in all… one asking him to explain the Big Bang Theory, the entropy one you see in the clip, and finally “Newton Vs Einstein – Who’s funnier?”), but amazingly they actually aired it on Monday in the midst of all the celebrity news and Emmy news they had to report. I was sure it would get cut, even though it’s is a tiny piece.

The clip is here.

Yes, I know… what am I, a theorist, doing fiddling with some doohickey in the lab*? It’s a long story. And no, I did not come up with the questions. And… er… I was joking about there being openings in the department. Please don’t send any job applications as a result!


*Thanks, Jia Grace Lu, for letting me and the crew in to play in your lab!

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2 Responses to Little Bang

  1. Katie says:

    They should have you do a cameo on the show!

  2. cardoso says:

    Well, I don’t think you would be able to stand Sheldon for more than a few minutes anyway 😉

    Congratulations, nice little clip, and I envy you deeply.