Bubbles Galore!

sterling_johnson_bubblesThere were three excellent presentations under the theme Bubbles at the most recent Categorically Not! at the Santa Monica Art Studios. See here. The final one was a visual treat which got everyone on their feet applauding at the end. It was Sterling Johnson, lawyer by day, bubble superhero by night, showing us some of his superpowers. I captured some clips of it, and edited them together for you. (Sorry about my laughing into the microphone at one point. I couldn’t help it.)

My two favourite moments are at 5:28 when he does his “Invisible Bubble Trick” -it is simple and nicely done with a bit of extra showmanship for humour- and immediately after at 6:13 when he gets that remarkably large bubble vibrating (still image here). (Was I captivated so much by this because of my research in string theory where I think almost daily about the “worldsheets” splitting and joining like bubbles? Who knows….)



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2 Responses to Bubbles Galore!

  1. Aimee says:

    So nice to have this online– was great in person but still pretty magical digitized.

  2. Keith says:

    Thank you for posting the pictures and video of Sterling. He is a fantastic person, highly regarded as a pioneering bubble artist and a deep thinker who is willing to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who crosses his path.

    I’m glad you had the chance to see him in person and happier you shared some of what you experienced with those of us who could not attend.