Susskind and Cole on C-Span2

I just happened (while flicking channels to try to avoid the naked mud-wrestling, oops, women’s beach volleyball*) to run into a broadcast of the Los Angeles Public Library conversation between KC Cole and Lenny Susskind about the amusingly titled “Black Hole War” between him and Stephen Hawking and the circle of ideas and theories connected with all of that wonderful area of physics. (I blogged about it here and here.) It looks like it was really good (I just caught some of the questions and answer session). I checked, and it’ll air again later tonight. It’s on the program Book TV on C-Span2, and will be on again tonight at 10:30pm. Set your recording devices!



(*I like women in bikinis as much as the next person, but how come the women are virtually naked while the guys are wearing regular shirts and shorts?)

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