It’s Bike to Work Week!

blog on a bike!It’s bike to work week here in [LA] California again! Do consider participating (even if it isn’t where you are…) The MTA here in Los Angeles is doing a good job of pushing the idea that biking to work is a good alternative to fighting with other drivers on the highway*. Have a go! (I’ve been noticing more cyclists on the roads in the city in recent times, by the way, so you won’t be alone.) [Update: Click here for the website of the California Bicycle Coalition for events near you.]

If in LA, pop over to the MTA website. They’ve got a number of things going on. There are pit stops along the Red Line today, and on Thursday, if you show up on a bus or the subway with a bike helmet, you can ride for free! (I wonder if they actually bother to check if you have a bike with that helmet…?)

And get this… I’m a bit shocked by this, but if you pledge/register for the bike to work events [on the MTA site], there is a chance to win a folding bike! This in a city where hardly anybody seems to know what a folding bike is (from all the questions I get every day about mine), so I’m pleased about this since it might widen awareness and help people appreciate how wonderfully convenient the combination of folding bike and bus/subway is. Excellent. [Update: I see now, it is a California-wide offer, not LA. The registration site is through the California Bicycle Coalition. Well, it’s still great.] Annoyingly, they don’t seem to say what sort of folding bike it is. I hope it is not one of those that puts people off folders for life. [MTA] CBC – Need some help deciding which model to give away? Call me!

Anyway, wherever you are, whether it is bike to work week or not – get out the bike and have a go.


*P.S. And imagine how much you’d save on parking and gas and stress if you did it regularly. Oh, and you can have some reading time on the bus/subway part of the trip, if you combine it with the bike…

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