So Have You Been There Yet?

I’ve mentioned it twice (here and here) in other posts, but I think it is worth a post of its own.

Have you been yet? I’m looking at you, USC-area person. There’s a fantastic new wine-bar in the neighbourhood, a relatively short walk north of campus at Union and Hoover. I’m so pleased to see it, and it is extremely welcome as far as I’m concerned. It is called Bacaro, and I’ve been there a lot already with several different groups of friends and colleagues.

   bacaro interior   bacaro interior

Why? Well, the wine is just great (various Italian wines) and the menu is fantastic too (Venetian-style small dishes). What more reason do you need?! Want another reason just to have a spare? Oh… well, if we support this business and it is a success, maybe others like it will come. Everybody wins. We need more like this in the area. Some more restaurants, an independent bookstore, some great cafes, (oh, and a little Trader Joe’s – just a little one…) Worth a try, I’d say. So before rushing off to the highway some night, gather some colleagues and go and relax and chat about life, the universe, and everything for a little while. Just for the hell of it.

Click the two photos for larger views of the interiors I took last night. I love the big blackboards with the menu and wine list on (and room for the customers to scribble). And the home-made bottle fixture in the ceiling is a lot of fun… I was happy to see that there were a lot of people there, and it was only Monday night! Amusingly, before I could even say why I was taking a couple of snaps, one of the owners identified me as the writer of the blog that he saw mention the restaurant. He distinctly remembered that it was during some talk about superconductors and other physics. Huh. How’d he find it? I imagine he must have been checking the site stats for their website?

Anyway, this place is just great! Spread the word…


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6 Responses to So Have You Been There Yet?

  1. Bilal says:

    This is excellent!! I go home late anyway these days, so it might be worthwhile to relax here and then jump on the freeway when the traffic has died out somewhat. I will definitely spread the word around.

  2. Bilal says:

    p.s. And yes, a teeny, tiny little Trader Joe’s wouldn’t hurt. I will tell you that the students would be eating healthier food. 🙂

  3. CD says:

    That looks like a really interesting place, will have to check it out. Is it expensive or reasonable? Thanks.

  4. Clifford says:

    Well, it is great. Whether it is expensive or not is in the eye (or wallet) of the beholder. My own take on it is that given the exceedingly high quality of everything and the great atmosphere, it’s extremely reasonable if you compare it to similar places around LA. But that’s just me.

    (Obviously, compare like with like. A tasty mulita and a glass of horchata at LA Taquiza in the little strip mall not far away is fantastic value at about $4 or $5 – hard to beat… but it is a totally different thing, for a different mood or different occasion. You can also cheaply eat plenty of the garbage that is mostly for sale nearby in this area in the form of KFC, McDonalds and so forth… but that’s not even on the radar, quality-wise. This is why this place is so welcome: Adds variety to the mix. Geez… I do go on sometimes, don’t I?)


  5. stevem says:

    If you have a moment of inspiration during your meal, can you really use their menu chalkboard for calculations or would you be asked to leave?;)

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