Lighting Up Field Theory

Sidney Coleman lecturingI got an email from one of the group’s graduate students today*, pointing to an archive of videos of lectures by the great Sidney Coleman. He’s doing quantum field theory. This makes this a marvelous resource, in principle, and so I thought I’d share them with you. They are here.

I wonder: are these the lectures that Jacques Distler has mentioned attending a few times in the past on his blog? This was the 1975-1976 year, a graduate course. I wonder if anyone (else) I know was in that class room…

[Update: I learned from the discussion over on Jonathan Shock’s site that there are some partial lecture notes from the course here, by Bryan Gin-ge Chen, based on notes by Brian Hill. He’s looking for help on completing the project, so get in touch if you want to help out..]

I’ve never seen Coleman in action before, and so I was immediately rather curious, […] Click to continue reading this post