They’re Here!

[Post reconstruction in progress after 25.10.07 hack (body, comments and images to follow)]:

cactus flowers

Flowers on my San Pedro cactus (trichocereus pachanoi). (Click for larger view.)

cactus flowersWell, they were here, and now they’re gone again. But weren’t they wonderful? The entire plant was covered with them for a day or two. Click right for more detail.) I told you about the buds appearing shortly after the long-awaited rain, and within a day or two they popped out. But I had a backlog of things to do and so I have not posted the pictures until now. A day later they faded and then it rained briefly again, which was enough to ensure that they’d definitely be gone. Their fleeting nature makes them all the more precious.

A detail I like very much in the main photo is the exploring ladybird (”ladybug” for US readers – something in the coccinellidae family, anyway).



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