I was tagged by IP to do this. That’s all I’m saying on the matter.

My instructions:

  1. Grab the book closest to you.
  2. Open to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence.
  3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog.
  4. Name of the book and the author.
  5. Tag three people.

So here goes:

1) Done.
2) Done. (Assuming they mean sentence, not line, and I counted complete sentences.)
3) ->

Tie that for an ex-legger in the rich gravy.”
“It beats me,” I said.
“Well, here we are with a guy who ducks out and has fifteen grand in his pants and folks know it.

4) The Big Sleep – Raymond Chandler. (You know, for some reason, I don’t know why, I typed the first sentence into Google. Wouldn’t you know it – it came up! I found a site with the entire book!)

5) I tag… oh dear. I don’t really have many blogosphere friends with blogs… certainly not many who would be likely to do this. Let’s see: Bee, Robert, and Jude.


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21 Responses to Tagged

  1. astromcnaught says:

    “The form of the aggregate shown here consisted of a list of expressions in brackets. Such an expression is known as a positional aggregate since the values are given in position order. In the case of a positional aggregate used as an initial value and supplying the bounds, the lower bound is S’First where S in the subtype of the index.” Programming in Ada 95 – John Barnes.

    Fascinating I’m sure, but I’m at work (says he quickly), and not reading blogs by the way as we’re far too busy. However, I thought I’d join in the random sentence fun despite not having anywhere to post. Hope that’s OK.

  2. Clifford says:


    It is rather interesting… anyone else?


  3. DancingBear says:

    “(For more information about arriving in Las Vegas see pp286-287). Perhaps the ultimate Las Vegas travel experience is the limousine, particularly the stretch limo. It is possible to rent a wide range of these vehicles, including stretch and superstretch versions that come fitted out with TV, cocktail bar, and even Jacuzzi, for between $40 and $80 an hour.”

    Southwest USA & Las Vegas – Eyewitness travel guides

    (Quite inspired, I would say.)

  4. andy says:

    There is a large set of books that are equidistant to me at the current time. I’ll pick the most irritating one.
    “A closely related function, one which illustrates the integral properties of the delta function, is the unit step function: (I’m not good at LaTeX, omitting equation) ”
    Morse and Feshbach

  5. Clifford says:

    Three sentences though! I want to know what happens to the step function! The suspense is killing me…. 😉


  6. Chinmaya Sheth says:

    Just textbook stuff…
    “We shall find the results of the previous section to be applicable to problems dealing with dielectric materials within which under ordinary circumstances there is neither a macroscopic charge distribution nor a macroscopic dipole distribution.”
    From “Introduction to the Principles of Electromagnetism” by Walter Hauser

  7. andy says:

    Professor Johnson,
    You can order the book for only $200. (just kidding!)
    “This function is also pathological in that differentiation should be attempted only with considerable caution.”
    Morse and Feshbach, Methods of Theoretical Physics. 1953
    I think that John Slater called the book “overly ornate” although I cannot remember where I read that.

  8. Paul Clapham says:

    “This option is not available for the *SIGNATUREVERIFICATION certificate store. Import certificate is used to add a certificate to the current certificate store. The type of certificate that can be imported varies and is based on the certificate store that is being worked with.”

    From “IBM eServer iSeries Wired Network Security, OS/400 V5R1 DCM and Cryptography Enhancements”, IBM redbook SG24-6168-00.

  9. Chinmaya Sheth says:

    Sorry, forgot three sentences rule, the other two sentences…
    “When such a dielectric finds itself in the neighborhood of a charge distribution, or some charges are imbedded within the dielectric, the charges of the dielectric will rearrange themselves and result in a dipole distribution within the dielectric. We refer to this dipole distribution within the dielectric as the induced dipole distribution P(r) and to its equivalent charge density p'(r) as the induced charge distribution.”

  10. Brad says:

    “However, paper-tape punches tend to be slow, noisy and unreliable. Where the data rates are at all high, and elsewhere where at all feasible, experimenters have turned to recording on magnetic tape. We now mention a most remarkable development in the economics of electronic design.”

    Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1970.

    Obviously the article I’m consulting has held up considerably better than the one that
    encompasses pg 123 (Information Processing in Astronomy)!

  11. Navneeth says:

    While we were conversing with them we took occasion to observe our hosts. Each of them made a very good impression. Their humble origin expressed itself in an attractive simplicity, but their bearing and demeanour was aristocratic.

    Seven Years in Tibet – Heinrich Harrer (Tr. from German by Richard Graves)

  12. Gradually a bucket filled up with the discarded outer casing of the crab while a small dinner plate held a much more modest amount of white meat. ‘In some parts of the country they call these the “dead men’s fingers”,’ he explained, pulling at the feathery gills at the side of the crab he was working on. ‘Nae use to man nor beast’.

    From ‘Stargazing – Memoirs of a Young Lighthouse Keeper’ by Peter Hill.

  13. Jude says:

    Wow, my first official tag. Thanks, Clifford. The results are on my blog at http://onlycrook.wordpress.com/2006/12/21/tagged/

    As usual, I got carried away, so I’m not going to replicate the entire post here.

  14. astromcnaught says:

    “There are also organisms which cannot be placed in either category, such as Euglena and Chlamydomonas. It is thought that they can behave as animals or plants, undergoing photosynthesis in the light but able to feed on organic material in low light conditions. The small multicellular animals such as rotifers feed on microscopic life”. Field Guide to the Water Life of Britain – (ahem) Reader’s Digest Nature Lover’s Library.

    This is me at home now and the required quote turns out to be about Pond Life. I find that quite funny !!

  15. Supernova says:

    Preheat the oven to 350° F. Warm the beurre noisette until almost hot (110°F. to 120°F.). Add the vanilla and keep warm.

    The Cake Bible, Rose Levy Berenbaum. My husband has been making holiday goodies!

  16. spyder says:

    Rosie and Nimrod rubbed their hands.
    Alyosha and Jean-Pierre have lost their luggage.
    Singular antecedents joined by or or nor take a pronoun that’s also singular.


    I had the same problem as Andy, but that book stuck out a bit further than its neighbors, other Gordon books.

  17. Athena says:

    In fact, during the last month of his stay, the innominacy of the place became as much an obsession to him as the shoddy plans, and he stayed up late into the night sifting through Spanish and Italian dictionaries and poring over maps of Tusacany, Estremadura and Andalusia for inspiration.

    And then, one afternoon in the final week of their California sojourn, it came to him. He was walking over the grounds with his mother and Dr. Franceschi, the landscape expert, elaborating his feelings regarding caryatids, statuary in general and the function of fountains in a coordinated envrionment of the artificial and the natural, when they emerged from a rough path into a meadow strewn with oaks all canted in one direction.

    Riven Rock, T.C. Boyle

  18. Elliot says:

    But there is a third reason that physicists are driven to combine quantum theory with general relativity: an esthetic reason. For a physicist, unlike a poet, the biggest crime against esthetics is the crime of inconsistency. Even worse than an ugly theory, incompatible principles are an attack on the basic values we hold dear.

    The Cosmic Landscape Leonard Susskind.

  19. Clifford says:

    is that really on page 123?! Or are you just throwing pebbles at a hornet’s nest? 😀


  20. Elliot says:

    It’s there. And just happened to be the closest book.


  21. Elliot says:

    This was of course the paperback edition.