LaTeX Spoken Here!

This is a test of LaTeX on the site*.

The first equation I shall try is the following (for more on unpacking this equation and its meaning, see this post and links therein):

u{\cal R}^2-\frac12 {\cal R}{\cal R}^{\prime\prime}+\frac14({\cal R}^\prime)^2=\Gamma^2\ .

Yay! It works. I have implemented it in the comments too. So now we can have a new, sharper tool for our discussions and arguments.

Use: Type simple LaTeX commands enclosed between [ tex ] and [ / tex] (remove the spaces between the things in the square brackets) and it should work once you submit.



(*I got around the problems of not being able to have LaTeX running on my host. Hurrah! The compromise I used means that the LaTeX is not as nicely formed as it could be, but it’s good enough! Learn more about latexrender and mimetex here.)

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