Twelve Days of Physics

This morning I received an email from someone called “Grrrl Einstein” today which read:

I am creating a Physics Calendar for the Holiday season, and I am including twelve entities. So far I have:

  1. Newton’s Laws
  2. The Dirac equation/Schrodinger equation
  3. The Clifford Algebra defining the Dirac gamma matrices
  4. E=mc2/Einstein’s equations/postulates and/or some solution of them, such as the Schwarzschild solution
  5. The principle of least action
  6. Maxwell’s equations
  7. E=hv
  8. The Yang-Mills Lagrangian
  9. The Schwinger-Dyson equations or something else related to functional methods
  10. Stokes’ Theorem
  11. Entropy

What would be a good String Theory equation to round it out? Any things I should include/exclude?

She also says:

We’re also thinking of cool/funny/insightful pictures we could shoot to represent the equations. The pic on my myspace page will probably be the E=mc2 pic.

This sounds like a fun thing to ponder, so she let me put the questions to you, in case you’d like to help out. She plans to upload the calendar to “one of the calendar sites” when done. No, I don’t know what one of those is either, but then this is only the third time I’ve looked at a myspace site, so there you go.

So let’s hear those suggestions for topics, illustrations, etc….

My own immediate thoughts? Instinctively, given the lack of slots, and the volume of fantastic big established physics ideas out there already, I’d not have any string theory equations per se… I’d definitely have Einstein’s Equations (General Relativity) up there somewhere, separately from E=mc2. I’d swop out Stokes’ Theorem for something representing path integrals a la Feynman….But I’d need to think that through a bit more. Hmmm….. this is interesting….



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