Strings on Sunset

So I heard something on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip just now. (This is the new show written by Aaron Sorkin that I instinctively started to watch a couple of weeks ago because I like his writing, and it is actually a drama about the process of writing, so what’s not to like? -Ok, I’m a bit bothered by the overall annoyingness of the lead actress’ performance, but I imagine she’ll get better.)

I caught a line that went something like “we’re not looking for a girl with a phd in… string theory or anything, ok? There’ll be at least half a dozen women there who’ve been on the cover of FHM…” This was one character offering help to another in finding female company, to give you the context, in case you thought maybe they were needing someone to help solve a difficult integral or something.

I was not really watching the episode, but had forgotten and left the television on for a bit since I’d set it to record the show so that I can watch it later in the week. So I don’t know any more than the above snippet, but am I right in thinking that somehow Sorkin was trying to drive home the tired and misguided (and misguiding) idea that the two categories are mutually exculsive? And that the latter category was somehow more desirable? Or did I miss a subtlety from the great writer this time? I need help here – I’m really trying to give him (or, to be charitable, the character) the benefit of the doubt.

Hmmm, I see that by coincidence this is really an accompanying post to the one I did earlier on the Yankovic video. Same dismay. Same reasons.


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