Recent Interviews

A selection of interviews and panels about my consulting work for TV and Film, my new book The Dialogues, and more.

Interview on Henry Jenkins media and culture blog about my book, The Dialogues, in three parts: here, here, and here.

“Super Nerds” Interview on NPR’s The Pulse about my book, The Dialogues. Start at 14 mins 15 seconds. Part of an episode about people devoted to their work! (October 2017)

“What does a science advisor do?” Interview with Creative Future about my work as a Science Advisor, a little about the book, and other things. (November 2017).

LA Weekly piece (May 2017).

CBC Q interview (June 2017).

NPR Pulse interview (June 2017).

Physics Today interview about National Geographic’s Genius S1 (about Albert Einstein) (June 2017).

BBC CrowdScience (SXSW) panel (May 2017).

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