The petition to revoke article 50 (stopping the UK jumping off a Brexit cliff) passed 5 million signatures sometime on Sunday! My colleague Nick Warner provided the screen shot of the counter just after it passed 5M (2019-03-24 at 3.18.25 PM, Parisian time). Thanks Nick! (Click for larger view.)

I normally keep politics off this blog, but I’m making an exception and providing the link to the place where you can sign, if you want to. If you’re a UK citizen abroad, know that you do not need to be resident to sign! If like me you’ve been feeling powerless, watching from abroad as a beloved country tears itself apart, this is a way of contributing to something that could well make a positive difference.

This link is here.


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  1. Taylor Flewwellin says:

    this is completely unrelated to the form but how do you feel about the butterfly effect?