A Street Scene Materializing

Well, I finished all the line art on that SF short story I was asked to write and draw. And the good news is that the editor of the anthology it will be part of is extremely pleased with the story. So that’s good news since I put a lot of work into it and it would be hard to change anything significant at this stage! So all I have to do is paint the 20 pages, which should be fun. The line art is in a pencil style, and so I might do some colour that is in a loose style to match. In any case, below is a video capture (2 mins long) of the complete process of me drawing a panel for part of a page of the story (unpainted panel is at top of this post). I did this on the plane back from Europe a short while ago. It’s an example (for those who care about the details) of what can be done pretty quickly to layout and complete a moment telling a visual story with just pencil, paper* and some guidelines for simple perspective thrown down when you need them. You’re welcome to decide what’s going on in this scene. There’s more to it than meets the eye.


*Here, the pencil and paper are iPad and pencil, but much the same thing.

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