Breaking, not Braking

Well, that happened.

I’ve not, at least as I recollect, written a breakup letter before…until now. It had the usual “It’s not you it’s me…”, “we’ve grown apart…” sorts of phrases. And they were all well meant. This was written to my publisher, I hasten to add! Over the last year and a half, circumstances changed a lot at the publisher I was under contract with – chief among those being that the excellent editor who originally originally took on and championed the book, a very unusual project for the publisher to work with, left the company. dear_letterThis, and a few other key things that were not to my liking (that it would be inappropriate to discuss here) became causes for concern for me. While I am sure they would have done a fine job of executing the agreed upon aspects of our contract, it was clear that things would be better if I found a new home for this very special (at least to me) book project.

They took it well, and we’ve agreed to terminate our publishing contract.

Of course, this leaves me in the interesting situation of not being under contract with any publisher…. This is after spending the better part of a year in 2014 seeking a publisher that understood the project, and that was enthusiastic enough to (in a highly risk-averse industry where innovation and originality, very key elements of this project, are not as much of a plus as you might have thought) take it on for their list. I’ll be working on remedying this situation however. It is helpful to have much more book to show than I did when I last talked with publishers.

In short: Yes, I have a plan.

In the meantime, I must continue with the main plan: working night and day on production of final art for the book*, since this is what this sabbatical semester is set aside for. The semester afterwards is devoted to physics research, so I cannot delay.

Stay tuned.


*Just got some nice work done on a couple of plane rides…

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