retreat_placeIt’s Spring break. For the greater part of the last week, I’ve been in hiding. I’m alone in a quiet town somewhere, getting a good long stretch of work done on the book project for the first time in a long time. For most of each day I’d sit at this tiny table, writing and doing rough layout sketches, glancing out of the window from time to time, listening to music on headphones during the long stretches of concentration*. Yes, and drinking tea and coffee. For lunch I’d make a sandwich and go for a walk and eat it on a bench I’d come across. Then I’d return and work some more before breaking again to make dinner.

Today was my last full day here. It has been pretty productive**. The major piece of good news is that I read through the complete prose script of the book today for the first time ever, including parts I’ve not read in over a year, and… I actually enjoyed it! Geez. It wasn’t total pants!


*Nearby, at some points of the day there were a lot of lawnmowers, leaf blowers, loud talkers, and even a violin at one point, so headphones were useful… Depending upon the kind of work, I’ve had company from my dear friends Kate Bush, Dexter Gordon, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, a couple of Bachs, Beethoven, Herbie Hancock, Steve Coleman, Chick Corea, Mike Oldfield, and several others… and all their friends too.

**Yes, disconnecting from email, Facebook and so forth for most of the time helps a lot.

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