Festival of Books!

what_are_you_reading(Click for larger view of 2010 Festival “What are you reading?” wall.)
So the Festival of Books is 18-19th April this year. If you’re in or near LA, I hope you’re going! It’s free, it’s huge (the largest book festival in the USA) and also huge fun! They’ve announced the schedule of events and the dates on which you can snag (free) tickets for various indoor panels and appearances since they are very popular, as usual. So check out the panels, appearances, and performances here. (Check out several of my past posts on the Festival here. Note also that the festival is on the USC campus which is easy to get to using great public transport links if you don’t want to deal with traffic and parking.)

Note also that the shortlist for the 2014 LA Times Book Prizes was announced (a while back – I forgot to post about it) and it is here. I always find it interesting… for a start, it is a great list of reading suggestions!

By the way, apparently I’m officially an author – not just a guy who writes from time to time – an author. Why? Well, I’m listed as one on the schedule site. I’ll be on one of the author panels! It is moderated by KC Cole, and I’ll be joining Pat Levitt and Elyn Saks as a panellist. Should be fun! The conversation is called “Grasping the Ineffable: On Science and Health”, and no I’ve no idea what exactly that means but it hardly matters: I find I enjoy panels most when I am not quite sure what they are about… I just get to know the fellow panellists and go with the flow. I’m doing my bit to grasp the ineffable in some parts of the graphic book I’m working on, so as a starting point, I can chat a bit about what I’m trying there…

See you there!


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