Layout Design

Rough layout design. Text suppressed because… spoilers. Feel free to supply your own dialogue… share it here if you like!


(Click image for larger view.)
In case you’re wondering, I’m trying here and there to find a bit of time to do a bit of rough (but less rough than last pass) layout design for the book. Sample above. This helps me check that all the flow, layout, pace, and transitions are correct with both text and images before I spend hours doing careful drawings and backgrounds and so forth only to discover it does not work. Here I’ve incorporated a slightly non-trivial flow. What order would you read the panels in? (Note to self: write a note to my publishers to discuss details of safe margins before doing any more detailed layout work…)


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21 Responses to Layout Design

  1. Mark Peifer says:

    For the first panel starting on the top left and going down
    1. I hear Clifford has a new baby
    2. Yes–isn’t that exciting.
    3. However, somehow he’s still managing to blog, work on his book and garden.
    4. Don’t you hate people like that.

    🙂 Could resist

  2. Clifford says:

    Ha! A very kind take on it, I must say! Thanks!