Nerd-Off Results

UCB_nerd_offSo I’m supposed to be writing 20 slides for a colloquium so let me see if I get this right really fast:- First round, the Koch Brothers bested the Justice League and Ultron was beaten up by Inspector Gadget meanwhile Ice Cube trumped Mr. Rogers and Stephen Hawking battled Charles Darwin but the audience loved them so much that they were asked to team up for the next round (before which Jon Snow did standup in the break) and in which they lost to Inspector Gadget who went on to meet Ice Cube who had beaten the Koch Brothers despite him/their sprinkling money all over the audience including giving hundreds of real (!) dollars to judge Ben Garant from Reno 911 and then during the break Michael Bay came on to describe his next “epic” screen play and then Ice Cube and Inspector Gadget battled it out to the finish and Ice Cube won and no I am not drunk The End.


P.S. Er, this pertains to the previous post, if not clear! Also none of the people mentioned above were the actual people except Ben, and above in backstage picture you can see the Justice League getting ready on the right, Ultron next to him and all the way on the left Jon Snow prior to donning his Stark-ian mid-length locks.

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