Café Talk

cafe_sketch_27_06_14 Here’s a quick sketch I did while in Princeton last month, at a new café, Café Vienna. (See earlier posts here and here for sketches in an older Princeton Café. I’m using a thicker marker for this one, by contrast, giving a different feel altogether, more akin to this one.) This new café promises to recreate the atmosphere of the Cafés of Vienna and so I kind of had to have coffee there before I left. Why?

Well, two reasons, one obvious and the other less so:

(1) I like cafés in Vienna.
thinking(2) I spent a good deal of time recreating the interior of a particularly famous Vienna Café as a setting for one of the chapters in the graphic science book I am working on, and so since I spent all that time drawing fictional characters in this recreation, I sort of like the symmetry of sitting in a recreation of a Vienna café and drawing real characters. Hope that makes sense. I was on the other side of a window from them, so I cannot tell you if they were discussing physics or not, like the characters in my book (click thumbnail right).


P.S. The coffee was very good!

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