Morning Caricatures

morning_caricatures_26_04_2014_smallLovely bit of sitting in the sun for a short while after breakfast this morning relaxing by doing some quick freehand sketches from pictures in a magazine. I was experimenting with a pen I love but don’t use much at all – One of those nice inky brush pens by Pentel. Gives some interesting lines that take some getting used to since it is quite a different mark-making tool than the pens I usually use…. and quite a different world altogether from the world of the pencil. These are silly and exaggerated and I sort of like how they turned out*.


*Two notes: 1. The real person’s chin on the left was no less remarkable. That bit was not an exaggeration, and is what drew me to that image in the first place! 2. The lady on the right was indeed wearing a dress from which sprouted some sort of architectural structure… I don’t know why.

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