Frankenweenie is a Love Letter to Science!

…Well, it is a lot of other things too, all marvellous, but it was quite a surprise to me that science, the love of it, (and to some extent, the method of it) is so overtly celebrated in the film. I’m a huge Tim Burton fan, and so that was a bonus for me since I was already predisposed to like the film, when I went to see it several weeks ago. I love the depictions of the suspicions and the misunderstandings, the boy hiding away and doing his experiments (I know him well), the various archetypes and stereotypes (including the science teacher), and so on and so forth, but I don’t want to spoil it for you by saying more… (Image is from the disneypictures site.)

I just thought I’d mention this here since I suspect that many of you reading who like science (which might be part of the reason you check in on the blog) along with good humour and excellent filmmaking might not have seen it yet or realized that it had that extra aspect going for it.



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One Response to Frankenweenie is a Love Letter to Science!

  1. Amy says:

    I agree! This is my favorite Tim Burton film since Edward Scissorhands. Or maybe Nightmare Before Christmas or Ed Wood. In any case, it’s the best one in a long time. Not to me missed!