Superconductivity for You!

I was very impressed with the presentation Julien Bobroff gave in Monday’s public dialogue here at the Aspen Center for Physics. It was all about Superconductivity, and he and his team have done a tremendous job of putting together lots of materials for exploring this topic. Its a great example of some really careful thinking producing very accessible ways into understanding a remarkable quantum mechanical phenomenon that has quite a bit of striking and direct impact on a number of walks of life. This makes for great material for everyone, whether you are an expert physicist (who might want to show some of this to others), a teacher who wants some good materials to your classes, or simply someone who is not an expert but just find yourself curious about the world.

Have a look at their excellent website where everything is collected together, including movies of demos, models, games and descriptions of various events they did in schools and in public places in France. This is pretty wonderful stuff. (Click for English in the upper right hand corner if you need it.)

(Be sure not to miss the superconducting trains and superconducting Eiffel tower!)


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