In Transit

I set up some simple 10×50 binoculars on my tripod, and after a tiny bit of fiddling, out pops the transit in progress from the other end, projected on to the back of an envelope! (The envelope was helpfully held still by a friend so that I could take the photo.) (Click for larger view.)

This is exciting to see… especially since it won’t be seen again from earth for over 100 years…(See earlier post for more.) Picture to the right shows the setup.


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5 Responses to In Transit

  1. Mary Cole says:

    Sadly we did not get to see anything. My husband has just returned from Japan and therefore jetlagged got up at various points in his sleepless night to observe but alas there were too many clouds. We did however watch a BBC Horizon programme about it which featured lots of female physicists. I’m glad my daughter saw this show. It sent a very positive message!

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