Bringing Science to Schools

Here’s a nice article (by Ambrosia Brody) about some of the work the Joint Educational Project (JEP), Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) and the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (all here at USC) have been doing to get school students excited about science. It looks like a fun and valuable program, and it is always great to see the look of wonder on the faces of the students as they explore (see film below). (Photo is by Nick Pittarides for USC News.)

A nice aspect of it that caught my eye is that one of the films that got made for the USC Science Film Competition that I ran was used as part of the program to illustrate how Newton’s Laws of motion play a part in the motion of our bodies! That’s excellent news, and is another of the many reasons the competition was so very much worth doing!

There’s a short film about the program that you can view below. You can catch a glimpse of them showing the film “Dance with Newton’s Laws” (by Linda Jules and Anna Zaferiou) at one point.


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