Happy New Year!

Well everyone, 2011 is drawing to an end, so I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! for 2012. All the very best, and thanks for reading. See you for more next year.

As my New Year’s greeting image, I give you the results of yesterday’s work on The Project. It is the opening panel for the dialogue/story that I started ink work on.

I sat in the sun with ink pens, brush, and ink, and happily brought to life the panel I’d envisioned for some time. I like the results, even though it is not quite done. It’s always fun and exciting to bring a new panel to life.

I could not resist throwing on a bit of digital paint, and so there it is. I’ll finish it up later…(colours are temporary, and some more adjustments to the light to be done…In case you are wondering, there are some night spotlights I imagine being on… so the light is multi-source…) It is a building that some of you might recognize. Somehow it seems appropriate for this end of the year post that the scene in it is during the evening, with the last glow of the day in the sky. (I suppose that for completeness I ought to do a version of it with morning sunlight, and post it tomorrow, but… no.)

I’ll be sharing more from The Project with you in the new year, among other things, so stay tuned.


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