Bus Moment

Always great when someone closes their eyes for a bit on the bus right in front of me. Gives me a chance to look really closely while drawing and finish up some of the details.

This guy’s old-school hair was my favourite thing of all. HB Pencil on the bus, and then this morning I inked it with india ink. The inking was fun as I bought some new nibs, and remembered what a really nice flow can be like. I splashed a bit of digital paint onto it at the end, by way of variety.

The SCSS over at UCLA was great yesterday. Four excellent talks, and great conversation and discussion the whole day. I also got a quick tour of a friend’s laboratory during the lunch break, as a bonus.

I skipped the dinner group that went for food after since I was simply exhausted (having been up since 5:00am), getting on the bus for the journey back and chatting on the way about physics with my collaborator. After getting off the subway, I decided to relax for 45 minutes with a glass of wine while sketching a few of the fancy Friday night clientele of a bar I like, and then slowly walked home…


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2 Responses to Bus Moment

  1. Amy says:

    Agreed. Best hair ever.

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