Colour Face Study

Been a long time since I did a face study of a real face. I mean one that exists out there in the world. This is not a live portrait, but instead a face from a magazine. I just thought it’d be a nice change from the face studies I’ve been doing (see several recent posts) that involve making them up completely, or turning them through various angles…skills I’ve been interested in a lot for The Project… A passable copy from a photo propped up in front of one is not so hard, with a little practice, since (among other reasons) the subject is very still and most of the 2D translation is already done. These are different skills from portraiture, I think, or pure expression of a face from the imagination, but useful and instructive to keep sharp, all the same. A close study of a real face from whatever source helps one remember what real faces look like when designing them from the ground up.

This was a reasonably quick pencil study (H with HB touches), where I was careful with the halftone on the face and neck… then I got a bit bored with the hair and the clothing, so they are comparatively rough. I sort of hurried up at the end as I got impatient to experiment with painting it a bit in Photoshop, as a study of some simple techniques there (as an alternative to Illustrator). That colour study was kind of the main goal of all this… (Click for a larger view, and I’ve included the original graphite scan for you as well.)



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