Got Your Rapture On Yet?

Well, it’s 7:00am on Rapture Day and what am I doing? Drawing. I’ll do a bit of gardening later. It’s not a bad way to go, really.

…And then I’ll check back online to see some more funny reporting on the oddly Raptureless Rapture Day, like this Guardian article I’ve been looking at. So far, the most fun has been looking at the headline of various articles, such as:

“After the Rapture, who will walk your dog?” (NPR)

“Apocalypse Now. … No, Now!” (HuffPo)

“Apocalypse Not Now: Rapture fails to materialize” (Guardian)

(I may update with others later.)

…And although I tend not to read comment streams in newspapers and YouTube and so forth, because of all the general ickiness, I’m making an exception for these articles. My favourite so far is way down on the comments on the Guardian article…. people had been making lots of good jokes, and then someone wrote:

“All these people keep stealing my rapture jokes like there’s no tomorrow.”


Share your finds if you like!


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