Glimpses of CicLAVia

CicLAvia this weekend was wonderful! Again, just like the inaugural one last year (see my post ciclavia_april_11_cvj_5with lots of pictures) it felt like it was as perfect an event as can be expected. There were droves of people out again enjoying themselves and connecting, plenty of great food, great weather, and lashings of good will.

I focused on hanging out with some friends, and so took fewer pictures this time, but there are a few. To the left is one of my favourites. It has City Hall nicely fragmented in a reflection in the new LAPD headquarters, with cyclists passing by on the route running along 1st street downtown.

There are a few more in the thumbnails below. Click an any photo for a larger view.

ciclavia_april_11_cvj_3 ciclavia_april_11_cvj_2 ciclavia_april_11_cvj_4

See also this little HD clip I took at the northern end at Heliotrope and Melrose (near Bicycle Kitchen and Scoops), before we set off. (By the way, at the other end, we peeled off the route and went North a few blocks to eat at Guisados. Really tasty tacos, and some of the best horchata I’ve had anywhere!)

Oh, and if wondering, I only saw one other Brompton this time. Recall last time I ran into a little cluster.

See the cicLAvia blog where people are sharing comments, photos, and videos, e.g. here. There’s an excellent summary video here.

Be sure to try to come next time!! (Also, remember that you don’t have to wait for events such as this to get on your bike and enjoy the city streets!)


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2 Responses to Glimpses of CicLAVia

  1. Amy says:

    I had so much fun at this event! What a great way to enjoy our fair city, pedaling all willy-nilly down the middle of the wide LA streets, taking in the architecture and the warm air among other Angelinos on their own two-wheelers. It would be great if they put it on more than just once a year!

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