Pole Dancing


Yes, of course they practice. But I’d never noticed that one of the practice points was right there in the middle of it all. I’d just got off the Blue line train, using a different route on my way to USC for a change, and about to jump onto my bike.

In other public transport news, I remain disappointed in the USC “Air Quality Management District’s (AQMD) Commuter Transportation Survey” that they insist we complete. Why am I disappointed? I think it is a good thing, overall, but there’s a potentially big flaw, depending upon what they are planning on using the data for. There’s no way to indicate on the form that there are mixed methods of using transport to commute. So I have to choose either bus or train or bike or walk. Not some mixture of them, which is more representative. In fact, given the fact that the system has patchy coverage in lots of places, I bet that most people (other than car drivers of course) don’t use one form alone. I mention this every year on the form (but not this year as I’ve gotten fed up), but still no change. I got around it a bit in the section where you document a sample week by choosing bus for one day, train for another, bike, for another, and so forth. But I should not have to do this, and also the earlier section of the form remains misleading.



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