fremont_pincushion_death_valley_2It does look a bit like a coconut macaroon, and a particularly tasty one, but I must report that it is in fact an example of a Fremont pincushion (chaenactis fremontii), a white flower blooming in the deserts of the South West. I took this one in Death Valley yesterday. (It is Spring break, and I decided to get away for a bit.) Click for a larger view. There’s a tiny little creature of some sort perched on one of the petals. Surprisingly, given all the rain that took place in the Winter in Los Angeles, there was no big flower show here. The corresponding rain that happened in Death Valley was not so remarkable, and came at the wrong time (I’m told) and so the flower bloom was not a boom. Still, one can find some lovely wild flowers if one takes the time to look closely.


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