working_photoRemember the skyline in an earlier post? Well, I forgot that I’d taken a snap of myself doing the inks for it last month, knowing that I’d ultimately be sharing it with those of you curious about the process. So there you can see me about half way, inking with a cartridge ink pen on the 11 in. x 17 in. Bristol artboard where it sits as a sort of establishing shot panel. I am inking directly over the pencil work I did of the skyline. This is unusual – usually I ink on a copy, but for some reason I decided I would just do this straight.

Reminder of finished product*:

skyline drawing


*Yes, images in this post: My copyright.

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  2. Plato says:


    Can one assume that the buildings you had drawn in your Blog entry called Paints, is located in that skyline? Also, to get the picture of the skyline, it seems you had to be at an optimum position with which to observe and record, as you had to record from the plaza/street location for the two buildings?

    Would that observation have been from one of the hikes you take around the out skirts of your city?


  3. Clifford says:

    You _can_ assume that.

    As for views…. you do your research of a location, and sometimes the final view used is available, and sometimes it is not. In the latter case, you build it in your mind, populate it with the elements you researched, and then draw from that. In fact, that’s the most fun aspect for me.


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