A Dream Come True!

Wow! There’s a major piece of news that was announced today that basically exactly fits with a dream I have every year. Furthermore, I have been taking part in some meetings with all the University’s Deans, the President, and other key officials, about major aspects of USC’s future endeavours, and when the issue of strengthening the role of USC in the life of Los Angeles came up, I intended to mention my dream, but we ran out of time yesterday so I decided I’d mention it at today’s lunch meeting instead. So today at lunch I was about to be called on to make the point about local roles, and I’d decided give the specific examples I had in mind. I was going to suggest that we seek for things analogous to UCLA Live, and to the LA Times Festival of Books, as things we can do to open our doors to the city (even more than we do) and become well known to more people near and far as a regular contributor to the intellectual life of the city (I mean beyond the huge number of people who come to us for an education, and the many public events that we already host and/or sponsor). But I was not called on because the President, Max Nikias, looked at his watch and said he had an announcement to make since it was just past the embargo time that was put on the story.

What was his announcement? The LA Times Festival of Books is going to move to USC starting next year! (See also here.) We’ll be enlarging it, and bringing back the awards ceremony to the way it was, and more.

You’ve maybe read my many posts here about the LA Times Festival of Books, and the Awards ceremony, etc., which used to be held over on the UCLA campus. See the list of related posts at bottom for some. I’m really overjoyed about this news – Over the moon! Having it at USC makes sense for so very many reasons, not the least because the Festival moves more to the heart of the city, with a broader and more diverse cross-section of people in all directions (who’ll be able to connect to it by so many different bus routes, and the new subway line that is almost finished), and several of the city’s main museums across the street, not to mention downtown just up the road, and so on and so forth.

Of course I’m going to make sure to tell Max personally that we need the chocolate fountains back!


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10 Responses to A Dream Come True!

  1. Great news! I can’t wait.

  2. Dayton says:

    What an exciting announcement. Since I attended the Festival for the first time after reading about it here in 2008 I’m glad to read the news here again.

  3. Clifford says:

    Hi! I just saw a press release from UCLA on the matter, that might be of interest:



  4. Ele Munjeli says:

    Ah, one of my favorite events. I’m equidistant from either locale, but I think a change of pace would be a good thing. I’m kind of bummed about charging for panel discussions though; it makes it less likely that I’ll go see something unusual on the fly, which is often the most rewarding experience. I don’t like to plan, just explore.

  5. Clifford says:

    Still excited! It is a pity that the subway stops won’t (it looks like) be completed quite in time for the first one… That’s another hugely exciting event in and of itself…


  6. Michelle says:


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  8. Carol&Co says:

    It pays to keep on dreaming – hope to get there at least once! cmj+

  9. linda lou says:

    Linda Lou
    What year or years were you an associate professor at the University of Kentucky. My son went there from 1999 to 2003.

  10. Clifford says:


    I left in 1999. Assistant, not Associate, back then.