Pub Breakfast

p-2048-1536-3e449aa4-72a9-4dcd-bac1-d73bb46ae5c3.jpegI find myself in the odd situation of being in a pub in London well before 9:00am, having breakfast. No, things have not got so bad that I’m resorting to alcohol so early in the day, you’ll be relieved (I hope) to hear. (Things are good, on balance. Thanks for asking.) It is just that I took a rather strangely timed flight over from Los Angeles that meant that I was flying during peak waking hours in my body’s internal clock, and then arriving at 6:30am London time. This meant that I did not do my usual trick of getting at least some sleep on the flight…. So I find myself in London bright and early – way too early to check into my hotel. I’m groggy and hungry. Happily I found a pub with very comfy seating, a view of the streets with people passing by, free wi-fi and Full English Breakfast (i.e. tasty fatty things – have not had one of those for ages…) for £4.99. Hurrah!

Who can resist a bit of blurry-brained breakfast blogging? Especially if involves getting greasy fingers all over the device you’re using for blogging? And the pub supplied the most excellent photo to accompany the post as well…

Ok, off to work.


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3 Responses to Pub Breakfast

  1. candace says:

    welcome back to blighty, m’dear! the weather has been unusually salubrious of late.

  2. Clifford says:

    Hi…. Thanks! Enjoying it so far…


  3. Carol&Co says:

    Welcome back – to the comforts of home! Pubs, fatty foods, rain, clouds – but still feels like home!! Enjoy your stay – see you soon. cmj+