tomato_crop Well, here’s the first batch of the season (not counting the onesies and twosies I’ve nibbled over the last few weeks as I go by), representing four different varieties… By the way, my compost played a role in all this, so it is quite satisfying.

If the War goes well, I ought to get more of these soon. Several plants are producing tomatoes.

News from the Front? Fluffy has started the above ground attack. Figs are disappearing, already. This must stop. Countermeasures in that arena have begun to be deployed. More later.


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5 Responses to Produce

  1. Nige Cook says:

    Interesting shapes! I wonder what determines the statistical distribution between elongated/prolate and oblate spheroidal tomatoes, or whether the ratio of polar axis (i.e. the axis of symmetry for the tomato) to its equatorial axis is less than or greater than unity?

  2. Carol&Co says:

    Lovely! Mouth watering! Wondering what to make with a glut of tomatoes – not fortunate enough to have more than two varieties! cmj+

  3. JoAnne says:

    Hey, Clifford!

    Great looking tomatoes. I’m picking at a steady rate now as well. In 2 weeks I’ll be inundated – loads of little green ones on the plants.

    Good luck with the Fluffy battle….bring out the heavy artillery early on and take him/her out.

  4. Clifford says:

    Hey JoAnne!

    Great to hear from you. Yes, I’ve lots of green ones on the way, and picked another bowlful of various varieties today. The fig tree battle is harder to fight… Working on a plan involving multiple countermeasures against Fluffy.

    Good luck with your garden!

    All the Best,


  5. Clifford says:

    Hey Carol&Co…. yes, they are tasty. I’m happy to report that all varieties are surviving being stolen now…

    Good luck with yours!