Formal Physicists

Since (as high energy theorists working on foundational issues for most (but not all) of our effort) we can be called by some “formal” physicists, or physicists who are concerned with only “academic” issues, I thought our outfits in this picture from last month were quite appropriate*. (Now don’t you just want to hire this dream team to swoop in and solve all your problems? Click for larger view. )


Backstory: Some of the students in the group did a bit of pomp and ceremony to receive their Ph.Ds, and some of the faculty joined in.

Hilarity ensued.


(*Of course for all you know, some of us were wearing sequinned bikinis under our gowns. That’s only formal wear in Vegas, I think…)

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5 Responses to Formal Physicists

  1. Belizean says:

    Is the guy standing next to you a McGill grad?

  2. Clifford says:


    No. He has no McGill connection as far as I know.


  3. Belizean says:

    Thought I recognized his unusual regalia. If you happen to learn which school it’s associated with, do share. Thanks.

  4. Clifford says:

    Oh, that’s easy: Cambridge.


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