Gaiman in the New Yorker

This week’s New Yorker has an article by Dana Goodyear on Neil Gaiman. There’s also an online chat with him and Goodyear and readers here. I like a lot of Gaiman’s writing and am impressed with his imagination. It is interesting to note that such a prolific and influential talent has managed to not become a household name. This might be beginning to change. As a result I myself a bit conflicted, as I often am in this situation when someone like this, whose work I’ve followed for years (or that I’ve simply privately noted is really excellent, early on), is maybe about to break into mainstream recognition. I’m happy for them, want to share them with my friends and the world at large while at the same time being a bit worried about it having negative feedback on their work and/or, (yes, I admit this, and I’m not proud of it) possibly how I feel about their work once it becomes more mainstream. A few random examples for me are Michael Pollan, Mary McDonnell, Mad Men, Stephen Fry, and Hendrick’s Gin.

Yeah, I’m weird. Anyway, while I muddle over my neuroses, step away and read the article and the online chat.



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