Goodbye Michael Jackson

thriller-michael-jackson“I’m Not Like Other Guys”. A quote from Thriller, in case you’re wondering. It’s appropriate. Michael Jackson was truly exceptional. (I’m focusing on the musician here, not the troubled person who unfortunately turned into a bit of a freakshow.)

Well, I feel like a big, bright piece of my childhood died today, and will feel this way for a while. I know it will pass, as it should (one must celebrate life and look forward) but there was so much joy in the music, and so much of it (the album Thriller especially) was so exceptional that it stood way apart from what was around at the time.

Even now when I hear a song from Thriller it sounds like it was created yesterday. This is a tribute to Jackson’s talents (and of course those of Quincy Jones). So much of my childhood into my middle to late teen years is heavily infused with a great deal of that music. I’m quite a bit upset about him dying. It’s just all too soon. Somehow, when an older musical legend of some sort dies, you’ve had time to prepare, as sad as it is. This is different somehow, in its unexpectedness.

Go and watch Thriller here on YouTube, or the masterpieces Billy Jean, or Beat It. Then follow the links to more of his music.


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